Pricing Guide

Session includes photographer's time and talent during the session, 1-3 hours session and the package you choose below. The session includes sibling and parents shots but recommended for gold and diamond sessions only. All sessions require a non refundable $100 deposit.  

Studio is located in Riverside, IL. For your home session please $100 travel fee.


SILVER   $550 

1 hour session
2 settings
Professional Editing
10 Digital Images


GOLDEN   $750

2 hour session
3 different settings
Professional Editing
20 Digital Images


DIAMOND   $950

3 hour session
5 settings
Professional Editing
30 Images

The most important thing to remember on the day of your session is to relax. Please, do not become stressed out about my coming to your home. I am here to help you in any way that I can and capture beautiful images of you and your newest family member. This is meant to be a lovely time and nothing to worry over. 


Once I arrive in your home, I will ask that baby gets fed and has plenty of time to fall asleep. While this is going on, I will be setting up for baby’s posed photos. This may happen anywhere in your home that I find nice lighting and may result in my moving a bit of
furniture around. I will come and photograph you while you’re holding a now sleeping baby. From there, I will take her and begin her portrait photos. I typically only do one or two set ups and this may take some time. 

After posed photos, we will begin on the lifestyle session in  your home or posed family photos in the studio. These photos typically are of everyone in the family. Just remember to relax and be natural. This is a moment you’re going to want to remember forever.
Studio sessions are similar just everything will be prepared when you arrive, I will ask to relax for couple hours while I’m working with the baby. In the end we will do family photos, very recommended but not required. 

After about 2 weeks, I will share your images with you. I will share the link where you will download full resolution photos and will be able to order prints and canvases. Now you will have beautiful photos to hang on your walls or timeless albums to look back on forever.

BOOKING YOUR SESSION:  The best time to book maternity session is before 20 weeks of pregnancy. The best time to photograph maternity session is 28-34 weeks of pregnancy.

The best time to book your newborn session is during your 5th or 6th month of pregnancy (or earlier) to ensure I’m available when your little bundle of joy arrives.

The best time to photograph your newborn is between 7-14 days while they are still in that sleepy and curly stage.  After two weeks of age, they tend to be disturbed while sleeping.  They can also become colicky or baby acne can start to flare.

Lifestyle sessions could be done any age of newborn.

MATERNITY GOWNS AND NEWBORN PROPS:  We provide all newborn props and clothing.

EQUIPMENT:  We take pride in our work and only shoot with top of the line equipment and studio lighting.