Riverside, Chicago Studio Christmas Mini Sessions

We are so excited for upcoming Christmas mini sessions! We moved to Riverside, IL in January, so it will be our first Christmas mini sessions season in the area. We can't wait to meet you new clients and have some fun before busy Christmas season starts.

We are already booking the sessions, so don't wait until the last minute because they go away really fast.

Our studio is located in downtown Riverside, IL

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Maternity Pictures Inspired By Authenticity Of Aztec Culture

The Aztec culture is well known and not forgotten today even though it disappeared centuries ago but it still shows up in unexpected ways even today in Mexico. 

Our inspiration came from this unforgotten culture. We had a great team to work with all details and we hope you like it as we did creating it.

Photographer: Skaiste Vingilys Instagram: @skaiste_vingilys Facebook: Skaiste Vingilys Photography
Stylist: Lupita Castaneda Instagram: @abbybellacouture Facebook: AbbyBella Couture 
Make up: Vee Rubio Instagram: @veerubiomakeup Facebook: Vee Rubio Makeup Artistry
Hair: Mariefel Lagatuz Westa Instagram: @marfy27 Facebook: Mitchell Christopher Salon
Model: Noemie Rubio Instagram: @beautybynoemie

Oh my twins!

I get always so excited when I know that more than one baby is coming to my studio. It was my third time working with the twins. This time was a little bit different and I was a little nervous because usually my newborns are between 7-14 days young and these twins were almost 6 weeks young. 

The session went very smooth and we were able to get many good pictures. One baby was sleeping the whole session, the other didn't want to fall asleep in the beginning but after some swaddling, milk and rocking he finally gave up. How adorable are they? :)

Naperville, IL newborn photographer Skaiste Vingilys.

Maternity Series Creative Photoshoot Inspired By Mexico Folklore

Last week, I had the pleasure of working with an amazing team on one of our maternity series photoshoot. My dream was to do creative photoshoots with expecting mothers of different nationalities, wearing clothes traditional to their cultures. When I met up with Lupita from AbbyBella Couture and mentioned my idea, she hopped right on board. It didn't take us long to find amazing talents to work with for this project. We found a make up artist, Vee Rubio, the hair artist, Mariefel Lagatuz Westa, videographer Claudia Bixler and of course our amazing model, Jeannette Rivera. Our inspiration came from the authenticity and culture of Mexican folklore. We will have much more projects to come and each and every one will be very unique and special. We hope you will enjoy the final product as much as we do.

Photographer: Skaiste Vingilys Instagram: @skaiste_vingilys Facebook: Skaiste Vingilys Photography
Stylist: Lupita Castaneda Instagram: @abbybellacouture Facebook: AbbyBella Couture 
Make up: Vee Rubio Instagram: @veerubiomakeup Facebook: Vee Rubio Makeup Artistry
Hair: Mariefel Lagatuz Westa Instagram: @marfy27 Facebook: Mitchell Christopher Salon
Model: Jeanette Rivera Instagram: @itspbandj
Videographer: Claudia Bixler Instagram: @cbixx
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